What They Say

Tony Harris, CNN, HBO & Al Jazeera Reporter

It's amazing how simply talking about things with an independent set of ears can move things along.  You're terrific!

"Results. Period."

I've only been working with Jerry for a month, but already the event I put on performed DOUBLE financially than it ever has before. Jerry has really infectious positive energy! She got me out of my head, and my mode of trying to figure out the "why" of stuff, and instead geared me toward real actionable items. She is very organized in her approach, and yet, also lets you really guide the process. I love that she has lots of assignments to get you going, but also just works with me where I'm at in terms of my crazy busy agenda already.

Ella Lucket
Owner Founder / Jai Yoga

Stellar Coaching!

Jerry has been a stellar coach to me. Compassionate and committed, smart and flexible, and is really invested in my success and helping me achieve my goals. She's able to both hold me accountable and help me pick myself up when I get off track. I eagerly anticipate our calls every week. (I do phone sessions from California). Highly highly recommend!

"Enriched Mentoring"

Jerry has made an immense impact on my life and those I love most around me, over the last 3 years. The universe brought us together during the most difficult time in my life where I had run out of the answers, and was lost in navigating my life. I can genuinely say Jerry saved my life in a lot of ways, and showed me the way out of that black hole through her understanding, patience and compassion for me and her desire to give me the tools to create the life I wanted for myself. I could go on and on here, but I’m sure I’ve communicated her value as a person, her continued friendship and enriching mentoring in my life that propels me today in searching for more out of life, myself and the relationships around me. I’m a lifer!

Brad E
Entrepreuneur, Developer, Deal Maker

Upped My Salary by 30%!

Before I started working with Jerry, I was energetically squished and burned out from a job I left that really shut me down emotionally. During my first meeting with Jerry, I already felt myself coming back to life. Through her words and encouragement, I realized I needed to give myself permission to start being myself again. And it’s been amazing!

 In just our second session, Jerry helped me up my income by encouraging me to negotiate a salary that I wouldn’t have DREAMED of asking. In the end, I was able to negotiate a salary that was 30% higher than in my previous job. I was blown away! In just the second session, the ROI in working with her proved to be in the positive. Money aside, this experience set the tone for me being brave, knowing what I am worth, and trusting my gut. I could go on and on about “wins” I’ve experienced with Jerry. It’s a powerful experience.

Via A.
Consultant / Yale Hospital Systems

Bassima M, US State Department Linguist

Hi Jerry, I wanted to share with you my gratefulness and admiration for the work you did. It was quite impressive the amount of topics and the scope of areas we covered in our first phone conversation. I felt embraced, wholly; and consciously safe. I am not someone who easily divulge my life matters, for fear of intellectual misinterpretation. Not only did I feel confident and clear; I heard myself sounding organized and focused. You listened. You actively and supportively listened. I still am not sure how you succeeded asking few mundane questions here and there without triggering the self-defensive, self-protective me, rather you seemed to have intuitively responded to my propensity for thinking aloud.
Then, you untangled my idea into its basic elements and helped me articulate these on a tangibly visualized agenda. Thank you, Jerry.

Growth and Achievement

From the moment I met Jerry, she was responsive and arranged time to have a consultation call with me. After the consultation call, Jerry provided me with assessments and had an eagerness to learn about me. My first session went well because Jerry was attentive, kind and understanding. She was also practical and gave me follow-up homework to help me achieve my goals. I'm looking forward to working with Jerry in order to continue to grow and achieve my goals.

Ashley F
Ass't District Attorney

Debbie Archangeles, Host of Off Beat Trekker

"Without fire there is no purpose, and I found that fire when I became honest with my self, and began to do what I really wanted  instead of what was expected of me. Today, I hike beautiful trails, meet incredible people in the most unexpected places and get payed to travel the world!" www.theoffbeatlife.com

"The Best!" Sheila Blu, Photographer

In the beginning I could not conceive of benefit from just talking on the phone, but i got so much out of it! You helped me focus and hone in on what is most important so could really move forward. Now I believe in my instincts, because I picked ther right coach!! You gave me positive reinforcemnt and helped me so much to prioritize. I can never thank you enough Jer, you are just the best.

CEO & Founder, Candeo Creative

Thank you for your wisdom and experience, I appreciate you!

Zack P
Founder, Candeo Creative

Generous and Motivating!

You were such a generous and giving coach. I really appreciate the fact that you willingly shared everything with me from ideas to actual forms that you use in your own coaching practice. I never would have gotten so much done during the summer if it weren't for your help, guidance and insight. In such a short time, I joined Noomii and completed my profile, I put together a website outline and completed 70% of the copy, I picked a company logo and name, I hired Alison to work with me on technical "stuff" and marketing, I completed 42 of my 50 required practice hours and I put together a time line to launch my coaching business.  Phew!  I am so glad that I decided to start my coaching with you this summer as opposed to waiting until fall.Thanks so much for everything.

Cindy McDonough
Health & Wellness Coach / Premeir Fitness

Katie T., VP of Wealth Management, UBS

From the very first "interview" call, I could feel Jerry's energy, enthusiasm and passion for what she does. For me this was critical because I put a huge emphasis on the personal connection. I am a firm believer in the power of relationships and the ultimate success that is derived from those relationships. Our conversations are personal, powerful and productive. Jerry was quick to jump into action with a plan, schedule and various resources to provide direction and support and I continue to be impressed with her investment in my journey!!! I appreciate her style, organization and professionalism. I wholeheartedly recommend Jerry! She will quickly add value to your life!

"Tremendous Support"
Wealth Management VP / UBS

"Insight & Patience" Brand Designer, IDEO

Jerry was great, providing a lot of wonderful insights and being very patient and kind. Thanks!

Miki H, San Francisco
Business Designer / IDEO

Defined Steps to Achieve Goals!

I met with Jerry for personal and career coaching -- it was a really great experience. It's true what others have said, the meeting really feels more like a conversation than any other type of coaching and it really gets to the root of what you want to accomplish and defined steps on how to achieve your goals. I left feeling refreshed and with a very positive outlook.

Wesley Mak
Senior District Manager / ADP

Insight and Support

Jerry! Thanks so much for your kindness, insight and support! You are the best. The sessions were beyond really great-- You solidified a lot of things that I need. I feel better..lighter. Thank you for everything!

Ivy Markaity
Recording Artist / New York City

Sarah O., Chief of Staff, New York State ERDA

While I find the list of things I've accomplished in the 3 months of coaching quite significant, I think what I find most impressive is the change I notice in my outlook. I have let fear dominate my life at times (e.g., "what will people think?" or "what if I fail?"), especially when wanting to try new things, and I feel that this coaching experience has reduced the amount of credence I give to that fear.
This experience has been incredible! The changes I made in my life during this time may look small on the outside, but for me they are quite significant. I feel much more comfortable with and accepting of myself and the sense of balance this has brought to my life is wonderful. Thank you so much, Jerry!

Sarah Osgood
Chief of Staff

Ricky Parcell, Head Trainer at Body Camp

It was so amazing to get to meet you--you're a fantastic coach! I'm signing up for the Elite program-- thanks to one of our chats! Thanks for the cool advice!

Ricky Parcell
Head Trainer / The Body Camp

Allison Bailey, Real Estate Coach & Broker

Jerry is truly talented & exceptional as a coach! The value of her weekly sessions and check-ins is immense, and her process is very therapeutic. She is fierce!  and she’ll believe in you all the way that you can be a happier, more vibrant and successful you in all areas of your life. I feel more gratitude for my life, the people I love, and my many blessings already present. I made a significant career change, &  I'm on the path to substantially increasing my income and have increased control over my own life. Thanks so much Jerry!!!

Allison Bailey
Real Estate Broker / Remax

Alex Thomas, Lead Software Engineer, Emory University

Jerry, thank you. You really understands my goals and have helped me put together a plan to make them a reality. You've also helped with practical skills, such as interviewing, as well as other issue such as dealing with family. Thank you again and I look forward to continued progress with you as my coach.

Alex Thomas
Lead Software Enginner / Emory University, Atlanta

John Larson, Founder, CoachAccountable

 I just wanted to take a moment to thank you again for all of your fab contributions to CoachAccountable this year, espeicially the guest post and connection with Noomi, sharing your case study as a CA user, and your conversations. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

John Larson
Founder and CEO / CoachAccountable

Heidi Levine, American Award Winning Photojournalist, Jerusalem

Thank you for the incredible impact you have made on my life. As a Veteran Photojournalist that covers conflict, it's difficult to find someone who understands why I want to do this job & how the experiences can injure my own soul. I feel very fortunate and grateful that I now have such an incredible coach--I felt an instant bond with and trust. You have pulled me  out of feeling overwhelmed, stuck and unfocused. Our sessions, the skills, and interactions have really helped to improve my focus and overall outlook--I feel  more energetic, optimistic and capable to now work on my short and long term goals instead of feeling so scared of them. I look forward to moving forward!

Heidi Levine
Conflict Photojournalist

Michael Cristofer, Pulitzer & Tony Award Winner

"Jerry is an absolute force of nature. Turn your mind and spirit over to her and the results are amazing! She just keeps getting better and better. Cent'anni!! " About Michael.

Michael Cristofer
Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award Winner

Roxanne Layton, Award Winning Musician & Music Coach

I really enjoyed my sessions with Jerry. She is enthusiastic, patient, and a great listener. As a Musician/Artist I found myself being overwhelmed by my end goal. Jerry provided me with the structure, exercises, and tools to be able to accomplish my goal brick by brick. This has helped tremendously with my on-stage and filmed performances."

Roxanne Layton
Classical Musician

Charles G, Entrepreneurial Dairy Farmer

Strategic Genius! I had no idea that you'd end up helping me the way you have. You really know how to get people to listen! Your encouragement to change the way I do business has been a life-saver... I've saved thousands of dollars already by following my gut on that challenge I had. Thanks so much and if you ever need some dairy products, let me know!

Rancher and Founder / CBG Dairy Farm

Megan Galaburda, Attorney & Professional Coach

Working with Jerry has been truly transformational. It’s rare to meet someone who listens with all of her being, and Jerry is that person. Her questions are thoughtful and insightful, and challenge and inspire me to think outside the box. I was equally stuck and scattered when I started working with Jerry, and within a few weeks of coaching, I gained the vision and clarity that had eluded me for years! Getting from stuck to unstuck is no easy task, and having Jerry as a coach has enabled me to navigate the journey with courage and grace.

Megan G
Professional Coach & Attorney

Bradley E., Real Estate Developer

Coaching with you was the best thing that I could have done for myself.  I embarked upon the journey and will continue to travel down the same path, as its so important and crucial to personal development and spiritual growth. I feel very fortunate to have found you so early in this process and will continue to pursue our relationship and coaching moving forward.  You were inspirational in getting me to where I am now, and for that I’m eternally grateful! Thank you!

Real Estate Development

Sarai, Medical Student

I found Jerry and I cannot believe how well matched we were. She understood my type-A personality but also my need to incorporate a holistic, yogic approach to our work. All sessions are infused with humor and feel light-hearted, even meetings with more serious undertones. And I cannot fully express my appreciation with her; I am grateful to have her in my corner for any future endeavors.

Medical Student

Tracey, Entrepreneur

Jerry was a fantastic coach! She supported me in so many ways through a big life shift at 50. Her coaching helped me really think about what I wanted and how to get there. I could not have done it without her. In such a short time I made my dreams a priority, sold my home and moved out of the city. Best move ever! I'm so much happier and can't say enough.

Educational Marketing & Entrepreneur

Masha Hamilton, Author of 31 Hours, Journalist

Dear Jerry, This is just the quickest of notes to thank you so much for your help this year. With your support, I finally physically unleashed myself from things that were keeping me weighed down. With your help, I teeter-tottered and explored but I think have finally settled on the way forward. With your help, I worked actively to explore my options, mindful that I don't want to jump from the frying pan into the fire, but be a bit more strategic and thoughtful, and I think we're set for movement on that front! Thank you, thank you, thank you... About Masha Hamilton

Masha Hamilton
Award-Winning Author & Writing Coach

Peter Aranoff, CEO

I had issues with overeating, chronic pain, and lack of motivation when it came to exercising. Not only did Jerry's techniques (really our conversations!) get me moving, but I feel lighter, happier, and more in control of my life. Thank you a thousand times over!

Peter Aranoff
CEO / PA Designs, Tel Aviv

Sabrina L, Mount Sinai Hospital Systems

As someone who had been in traditional talk therapy for many years, I was ready and in need of direct, real-time, constructive guidance and support to make some definitive changes in my life. Jerry's astute observations and her grounded, "down to earth" supportive persona have helped me to achieve sustainable and positive change.  I highly recommend Jerry anyone who is ready to find and tap into their inner strengths- Jerry will help you get there!

Sabrina L
Mount Sinai Hospital Systems
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