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It will cost you more than money. It requires your commitment, your courage, and your absolute willingness to create a life that can sustain the changes we design for you. Our conversations will be powerful and I’ll ask you to drop your fears. Feeling fear is human, but letting fear rule you is what’s keeping you where you are. 

Life Coach NYCLet’s take a look at where you are today and where you want to be. In between, we see a gap, which can be frustrating, paralyzing, and not a pleasant experience for self-esteem! As a Top NYC Life Coach, Inner Guru Coaching partners with you in designing a framework of specific actions that swiftly move you toward the life you want. Unlike therapy, which often addresses the past, Personal Life Coaching is all about moving forward from where you are now. Whether you seek help in wellness, graceful aging, business success, self esteem, creativity, or relationships, our approach is a whole-person and client-centered system. Jerry Anathan is credentialed by NYU as a Certified Professional Coach with offices in New York City. She works with clients both in NYC and around the globe. Inner Guru Coaching has a 100% retention/renewal rate because it works!

 “ As someone who has experienced many years of traditional psychotherapy, I was seeking something different. These powerful sessions with Jerry have helped me move very quickly to a sense of empowerment and productivity that I did not have before. I cannot recommend her more highly for ANYONE seeking change!”  Sarena L, NYC, 2015

Life Coaching NYC

Your coaching experience is designed to help you achieve personal, professional, and wellness aspirations with support and guidance. While I ask you to take it seriously, it is really a time of great inspiration and lightness; after all, you’ll be tapping into the very best part of your being, your “Inner Guru”. The most successful people in business and life treat themselves with grace and humor. You can too. 

1. We’ll start with an introductory conversation to see if we’re a good fit. During that time we’ll have a chance to introduce ourselves and talk about coaching and life. 

2. If we move forward, and depending on which package we think is best for you, I’ll send you a Personalized Discovery Form and a Perspective Exercise to fill out so that when we start on session 1, we hit the ground running. 

3. We’ll start our work together, usually once a week, via phone, Skype, FaceTime, or in person. In between sessions you’ll be living your best life, and I’ll be energetically with you the entire way. I may send you other materials/exercises, or articles that resonate for you from time to time.

Everyone’s dreams, desires, and goals are different. Here’s a 6 month engagement outline one of my clients and I co-created this winter:

We’ll craft a powerful vision that will transform your career and get the desired balance in your home life.  You’ll learn to access this power not only for your coaching practice—but in every area of your life.

We’ll develop a simple yet impactful strategy for how you “show up,” day-in and day-out. You’ll build your resilience and your ability to handle any situation with ease and deep confidence. You’ll create habits and rituals that support and renew you on a daily and weekly basis.

You will overcome the fears, doubts, limiting beliefs or insecurities that are holding you back. And you’ll create a new set of empowering beliefs to support you as you create the next stage of your life.

We will identify any skills you need to build and work on them regularly.

You will optimize your environment. You’ll get clear on which people, places and things FILL you with energy and which people, places and things DRAIN you of energy. You will actively remove those energy-drainers from your life.

My life coaching process will provide a forum which, via our interacting and filtering through the static, you’ll be able to establish your goals. I’ll ask powerful, sometimes probing questions, offer different perspectives, and help you pave the way to achieving what it is you most want in your life. I’m going to keep the “authentic you” on track through out the life coaching process, and may ask you to look at or listen to where your motivations are coming from. Remember that everything we discuss will be confidential. I will always be advocating for your best interests and keep your short and long term agenda’s as my priority.  We may work in person, on the phone, or via Skype. 

I’m a change agent! Taking clients to the next level and having them reach their goals is what I do best. I work with individual clients and teams in both New York city and around the globe. The subject matter we cover is secondary. The primary focus is swift change. 


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