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A conscious way to look at LEARNING

When we find that we don’t know something —and others do — we’re often motivated to learn more. Fear of Missing Out! However if we’re blissfully unaware of our ignorance, there’s little we can do about it.

One of the first steps on the journey to acquiring new skills is therefore to be aware of what you don’t know. This discovery can be uncomfortable, as can be the experience of not being very good at what you’re trying to do (who is, when they first start to learn?)

The Conscious Competence Learning Model is a popular and intuitive approach (attributed to many different possible originators) that helps us manage our own emotions during a sometimes dispiriting learning process. More than this, it helps us to be more in touch with the emotions of the people in our lives, so we can be more patient, understanding, and empathetic when dealing with them. Continue reading

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