How Do You Plan to Achieve Your Goals in 2017?

While many people are busy making New Year’s resolutions, the time leading up to the new year can be a great period to assess your ultimate goals. Spending a little bit of each day developing a new routine can lead to a happier, more fulfilling life, containing purpose, promise, peace, and prosperity. How do you plan to achieve your goals in 2017? Incorporating these facets into your everyday practice and lifestyle are the steps you need to take to start realizing your dreams in 2017.

how do you plan to achieve your goalsDefine Your Goals

Looking at your goals can be a challenging exercise since many individuals are wrapped up in their family’s needs, their employer’s demands and pressures that come with life. Separating what is being done for the well-being of others and the true desires of your own heart might not come easily. As many people have noted, you may not reach the goals you never set.

Personally Successful and Focused on the Future

Your goals should be personally successful and valuable. One of the best ways to decide where you want to end up is to put yourself in the future. Think about what your life will look like, about the changes and differences you hope to be living, and the steps and actions you’ve taken to get to that point. Look at the challenges you’ve overcome and think of the pride, frustration, accomplishments and sadness that it took the reach that point. Then, write yourself a letter. Your future self should pour all of these feelings and steps into a letter to your present self. As you write, your ultimate goals will begin to take shape and you’ll feel how they fit in your life. You can then mold and form them into the true outcomes you hope to see in the future.

Visualize Your End Result

Visualizing your end result of your long-term goals helps you to see the increase that comes from picturing what you want and understanding what you’ve got.

Definitive Goals in Writing

Most professionals agree that individuals will get more of what they focus on when it comes to wealth, knowledge, better jobs or more success. Once you define your goals, write them down. Create a goal board and use images and phrases that keep you centered on your goals. Stop using uncertain language and don’t just think your plans, say them out loud. As you coach yourself through your goals, you begin to see and believe them more clearly. Visualization techniques strengthen your brain by working and stretching your thought process while shifting it into a positive frame of mind.

Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a fantastic way to set and reach your goals. The practice involves being mentally aware, active and present in each part of your life. Mindfulness helps you to accept and be open to every moment’s experiences. The practice and art of mindfulness usually lead to feeling more independence and less stress.

Find a Greater Purpose

This, in turn, allows you to concentrate on your separate tasks, leading not only to greater productivity but a more well-rounded understanding of each task. Mindfulness can also help you to find a greater purpose for your life. This purpose grounds you and helps you feel a greater sense of control over your destiny. When your long-term goals become your calling, they help to center you and give you a stable point of reference when your life becomes overwhelming.

Learn to Manage Your Time

Segmenting is one of the best ways to help you overcome the two biggest killers of productivity: distractions and interruptions. Once you’ve defined your goals, it’s important to make a daily action plan that helps you build up to reaching your ultimate goals. Since activity builds momentum, which cycles back to more activity, start by ranking the most important daily goals you want to complete. Turn off your e-mails and cell phone, keep your basic needs, like water or coffee, within reach, and create an environment that leads to productivity.

Check Off Goals and Take a Short Break

Spend the next 20 to 25 minutes immersed in your work and check off your goals as you tackle them. After a five minute break, check your phone and e-mail, and start over again. You’ll find that you get more accomplished in less time.

Work With a Dedicated Life Coach

A dedicated life coach is someone who not only has done what you desire to do but often has earned certifications. Mine come from New York University and Wainwright International, and I’m also certified in Coaching the Unconscious Mind.

What a Life Coach Can Do

A dedicated life coach will help you identify what you truly want out of life, and focus your appointment times on helping you to improve and shape your life. A dedicated life coach will be your biggest cheerleader, but also someone willing to give you constructive criticism to weed out the goals and actions that you might only think you want. Ultimately, this can help you achieve your goals in 2017 and beyond.

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