Find Your Zen: Confidence-Boosting Activities That Build Self-Esteem

Two things that successful people have in common are that they have great self-confidence and high self-esteem. It’s not a leap to see why knowing you are comfortable in your zone and knowing your worth can equate to doing well in life. You may notice that your self-confidence is low and your self-esteem is lagging. When that happens, it’s time to find your zen through confidence-boosting activities that can help build self-esteem.

confidence boosting activitiesFocus on the Positive

You may find that you aren’t focusing on the positive in your life but the negative aspects instead. Reliving the bad or painful memories can bring down your self-confidence and self-esteem.

A Change in Attitude

Start putting your energy towards being positive. Look at your actions in a positive light. Examine the positive aspects of your situation and circumstances. Think of yourself in a positive way. A change in attitude can change your life.

Focus on Actions

Find your place of zen by focusing on your actions. Create lists and goals that you aim to achieve. It can feel very satisfying to check off the last item on a to-do list at the end of the day or reach a goal that you set.

Set Realistic Goals

Every little thing that you do right increases your self-confidence and your self-esteem. Just remember that you need to set goals and to-do list items that are reasonable. Over-reaching with unattainable goals and unrealistic items on a to-do list can damage your view of yourself.

Focus on Success

As with the negatives in life, it’s easy to focus on failures that happened in your life, but it’s more beneficial to stay focused on success.

Learn From Failures and Move Forward

Evaluate your failures to learn from them, and then move on to the next thing by moving your thoughts to future successes. Remember, nothing is a failure if you learn from the situation. Thinking about your successes rather than the failures helps you focus you on what to do next without dragging yourself down by that nagging feeling of what went wrong in the past.

Focus on Preparation

Preparation may not seem like something that helps you improve your self-confidence and self-esteem, but it can go a long way.

Take the Time

The phrase “fake it ‘til you make it” can come from preparation. Taking the time to prepare in advance means that you won’t be struggling at the last minute to try to memorize the figures you need for your upcoming meeting or that test you’re taking. People that are self-confident with good self-esteem take the time to prepare so that they can use this time to stall any jitters that they may have about what they’re about to do.

Focus on Relaxation

Making time for relaxation and cutting down on stress is good for a person’s state of being. It’s hard to be zen with better self-confidence and self-esteem if you’re feeling overly stressed.

Take Care of Yourself

Take care of yourself in mind and body. That will help you to grow in these personality traits that you look to nurture.

Focus on Appearance

Your appearance is another item on this list at which you may be shaking your head. However, maintaining a clean appearance physically, at home and the workplace, can make you feel better.

Feel Good

Looking good can help you feel good. The better you feel about yourself, the easier it will be to have positive thoughts. That positive feeling leads to focusing on the successes that you can achieve. Some days it can be nice to sit around in your comfortable clothes without making an effort, but you should take the time with your appearance whether you’re on your way to work or at home.

Focus on Stepping Away

Stepping away can be hard to do. You may feel as though you’re in this alone, and need to make this life improvement your sole focus. It can be overwhelming.

Change is Good

This may seem like a lot to change. You may be in this trap where you’ve gotten used to focusing on the wrong things or winging it when you should be better prepared. It’s hard to get away from this mindset, and that’s okay. Take this process one step at a time. If you find that you’re really struggling, step away with the help of a life coach. Sometimes you may be too close to the situation, so an impartial party that’s rooting for you can be exactly what you need to keep you accountable while cheering for your successes.

There are some people who feel that self-confidence and self-esteem come naturally while others will always struggle, but that’s not necessarily true. High self-confidence and great self-esteem can be worked on until they become second-nature. The difficulty is that everyone suffers a setback here and there. Finding your zen means that, although you may slip from time to time, you’re able to move on with your day and repair the damage to your zen.

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