Learn How to Overcome Obstacles and Live Your Dream

As children, our dreams seemed endless and full of possibility. In our mental escape to the future, nothing hindered what we wanted to be when we grew up or even what we hoped to accomplish in the next week. Dreams and reality showed potential to merge in delightful ways. But the journey to adulthood comes with challenges and realities we are blissfully unaware of during childhood. While we tend to bemoan these obstacles, they serve many purposes. The very presence of trials and struggles can strengthen us. Learn how to overcome obstacles and live your dream.

to overcome obstaclesToday is the Time

If we allow these hindrances to loom larger than life, our dreams go unrealized. Indeed, obstacles possess the ability to wear us down, force us back or stop us in our tracks. There is no reason to look back with regret over that which has not happened. Today is the time to recognize obstacles for what they are, let them do their work within you and overcome them to live your dreams.

Know What You Are Facing

Understanding the basic types of obstacles you face helps you to identify the ones that set you back or sit you down. Hindrances come at you from varying fronts.


These types of obstacles may develop over time, such as personal insecurities or a sense of failure. They may also result from choices such as debt or lack of education. Fortunately, these hindrances rest in your control.


Unlike personal issues, circumstantial obstacles often lay outside of your control. For instance, the death of a loved one or a flood encompassing your home, or even physical limitations represent these external stresses. Since these events come unexpectedly, the ability to plan for or control them gives way to navigating your response to them.


As social beings, relationships draw and fill us. Unfortunately, issues also arise. Some relational problems prove as benign as a miscommunication, while others may involve full-on attacks against you. While it is not possible to control another person’s behavior, interactions that influence your life within these relationships may evoke change.

Increase Your Emotional Intelligence

Self-awareness remains a beneficial first step to overcoming obstacles. In fact, according to many researchers, emotional awareness, or knowing ourselves, proves to be a greater predictor of success than IQ.

Questions and Answers

Important questions to consider in regard to the obstacles you identify:

— How long has this obstacle confronted me?

— Is this a first-time occurrence or is it habitual?

— How does this hindrance show up in my life?

— What is my typical response when faced with this obstacle?

— How can this roadblock strengthen me?

Answering these types of questions help you to label the challenges you need to face. Then you can try to override any patterned responses that spin you off course.

Gain Perspective

As you conduct your personal assessment, remember to think outside the box. In other words, a different view of your situation and responses proves useful as you attempt to change your perspective. A trusted friend, a mentor, a good read and a walk in nature all offer an opportunity to get outside your own head. Working with a life coach also takes a significant, intentional step towards victory over your obstacles.

A Simple Change

A simple change in scenery often works to shift your perspective. Input from others reveals your responses to obstacles hidden from your mind. An outside source provides new paths to your dream that the obstacle may be blocking from your view. With courage and humility, ask others for feedback and input.

Watch Where You Are Going

In the race, a runner knows the value of keeping his or her eyes forward and focused on where he or she is going. Waving at those on the sidelines, glancing back at an opponent or watching the rhythm of your feet on the pavement all are detrimental to achieving victory.

Focus On Your Dream

The same holds true in overcoming obstacles. The goal, your dream, needs to be the focus. Distractions within your own thoughts, through your interactions, with others or from external circumstances derail your efforts.

Guard Your Time

Time management skills keep you moving toward your stated goal. In fact, interruptions are one of the two biggest productivity killers. (The other being distractions, see above!) Find a technique that helps you eliminate these two ways to wasting time and move that obstacle quicker to advance your efforts on the way to fulfilling your dreams.

Celebrate You

Be reminded that each of us possesses unique characteristics, personalities, and talents. The combination of these features creates a “you” like no other. As you pursue your dream, this truth becomes a needed focus and motivator. Celebrate your creativity anew as you get creative to solve problems, learn from your unique obstacles and grow in strength to overcome any negative pull on your life and dreams.

Understanding which obstacles trip you up and your responses to them give you the information needed to take control of your circumstances, overcome your obstacles and realize your dream. Whether your dream began with the play of childhood or developed through the experiences of adulthood, the truth is that merging your mindset with reality is more than possible.

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