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CYC_Geraldine_019 “What do you want your life to look & feel like a year from now? How about next week? If the choices you make about how you spend your energy, time, and money don’t align with that vision, its just not gonna happen!”

Accomplish More. Clean Up Relationships. Get Healthy. Find Calm. Be Present. Live Happy. Get Connected. 

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Hi, I’m Geraldine (Jerry) Anathan, founder of Inner Guru Coaching. I hold Coaching Certifications from both NYU and Wainwright International. I’m also certified in Coaching the Unconscious Mind, which is an extremely effective methodology for swift change! What’s most important, though, is the result and transformation I deliver through powerful partnership. I know the Type A lifestyle only too well!  In 2008 I sold my company, and switched gears. I opened a yoga studio, worked with Burmese refugees, and traveled the world, reassessing.  Now, I do what I love. You can do the same. My edge as a coach is my experience in the complexities of both business and the human spirit, my passion, intuition, and my drive to cut through the un-necessary. I am personally committed to your success, and that includes your un-restricted happiness. We only get one shot! Inner Guru Coaching was born from the intersection of several of my favorite subjects; psychology, motivation, health, wellness, brain science, and loosely, Buddhism.  Why? Because the Buddha would tell you that all his achievements came from within himself, not from any other external power. That inner knowing is your Inner Guru! And you can find him or her in our work together right here in New York City or anywhere, via Skype/Face Time.  62t7iwc9As a life coach I’ve worked with members of organizations internationally like the ACLU and the UN, recent graduates of college, business executives, authors, politicians, musicians, athletes, seniors, and film/theater professionals, moms, and kids. I’m happy to provide references for you but the best way to test out my effectiveness is to have a conversation and see if we’re a fit!                                                                           

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